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Kimchi Recipe

Updated: Apr 5, 2023

Eat fermented! Fermented foods act as a probiotic to facilitate your digestion. They contain more nutrient and strengthen your microbiome. To create fermentation, add salt to your vegetable, leave to sweat for at least an hour, then transfer to a closed pot to limit the contact with oxygen. Leave to ferment for several days.


  • 1 Chinese cabbage

  • 50g radish

  • 1 carrot

  • 1 yellow onion

  • 2 chopped garlic cloves

  • 2 tsp chopped fresh ginger

  • 3 tsp crushed chili peppers

  • 2 tablespoons sea salt

  • 1 tbsp. fish sauce or soy sauce


  1. Cut the cabbage into 3cm pieces.

  2. Grate the radish and carrot.

  3. Chop the garlic, ginger and onion.

  4. Mix all the ingredients in a large bowl.

  5. Add the salt and let the vegetable release their water for an hour.

  6. Put in a jar and close.

  7. Leave to ferment for at least 3 days before tasting. Kimchi is usually best after 3 or 4 days of fermentation. If the mixture is ready, refrigerate it in an airtight container. If not, let it ferment further while tasting every 2 days.


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